24 hourly Private Maternity Nurse

A Maternity Nurse, also known as a Postnatal Care Specialist, is a highly experienced professional in infant care, most have a background in childcare or nursing. Maternity nurses are highly qualified non-medical professionals.

A Maternity Nurse provides essential care for the mum and her baby in a home setting. A Maternity Nurse is there to support you shortly after you give birth to your baby, and once your discharged from hospital.

A Maternity Nurse is normally booked during your pregnancy as early as 12 weeks pregnant, sometimes earlier, however some families do not book a Maternity Nurse until you’re home and wish for extra support and guidance.

The Maternity Nurse will live in with you 24 hours a day and will work 3, 4, 5 or 6 days a week for a number of weeks or months depending on your needs. Most Maternity Nurses will work up to 6 to 12 weeks before handing over to a Maternity Nanny (Nanny with baby or newborn experience). Within the 24hour period Maternity Nurses will take a 4 hour break.

A Maternity Nurse can advise you during pregnancy and aftercare on the items and support you may need both for yourself and your baby. A Maternity Nurse is there to support, guide and help new parents with their choice of feeding their baby or babies, however you wish to feed your baby it’s your decision. Your Maternity Nurse will respect and honour your choices and be on hand to answer any questions or concerns. A Maternity Nurse will guide you into a gentle rhythm or routine for sleeping, feeding, and awake time if that is your chosen path.

A maternity nurse will be responsible for the physical needs of the baby, which includes bathing, changing, settling, comforting, teaching you your babies cues of hunger, overtiredness, and settling or comforting them. A Maternity Nurse will take care of the baby’s laundry, nursery and equipment, as well as all baby’s bottles, pumps and anything else used such as a dummy, nipple shields etc that requires sterilising.

The Maternity Nurse will teach you the basic’s as well as guiding you through sleep cycles, growth spurts, immunisations, swaddling, wrapping, or gro bags, developmental stages and changes as your babies grow.

Some highly qualified Maternity Nurses hold advanced knowledge in complex Feeding Issues, Breast Feeding and lactation support, Multiples, Aversions to bottles, Sleep Cycles and Sleep Training, Tongue Tie, Weaning, Allergies, Reflux and Colic, Gut Health, Birthing Trauma, and Postnatal Depression.

When it is time for the Maternity Nurse to leave you, the aim is to have well-rested, calm, and confident parents to continue all your good work, a happy healthy baby that feeds and sleeps well, so that you as a family can enjoy your baby and their developments as they grow.

A highly qualified and experienced Maternity Nurses will be more expensive than a trainee or Junior Maternity Nurse. A Highly Experienced Maternity Nurse will have more than 15 – 20 years plus.

A Maternity Nurses can be booked up 3-6 months or more in advance of your babies arrival.

Booking & Rates

A contract will be provided by the Maternity Nurse. The deposit of can vary depending on the length of your contract booking; normal 1 weeks fee for every 4 weeks a Maternity Nurse is booked with you. To secure a booking a signed contract and deposit is required. 

Rates vary from £300 per 24 hour to £500 per 24 hours. Not including travel.

Weekend rates are higher.

Maternity Nurses will travel anywhere within the UK or Worldwide (visa) for bookings. 

Fees are invoiced weekly to be paid the same week. The Deposit comes off the remaining weeks of your booking.

Maternity Nurse’s are self-employed.