3 Day Welcome Home Package

This is a 3 Day Starter Package. Around the clock support and guidance is offered within your home. 24hourly in-house support will be provided by a highly experienced Private Maternity Nurse who will join you days – weeks after your arrival of your newborn for 3 days 24-hourly.

This support is essential for any new parent, or a parent that needs respite straight from the hospital. Whether you have experienced a difficult delivery, or just feel you need some support.  This package is ideal for you.

The Maternity Nurse will live in your home, sleep either in the nursery with the baby, or in a separate room within your home depending on your needs. The Maternity Nurse will be on hand to guide, support and answer any questions that you may have.

If you have other children in your home and you feel you need some in-house support for your newborn whilst you settle back in to normal life and manage your other children’s routines and schedules; then this package is perfect to settle you back in to your rhythm. The Maternity Nurse can help integrate you as a family so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the new addition to your family life and how to manage being a family of 3, 4 or more.

Whether you are breast feeding, bottle feeding or a mixture of both, the Maternity Nurse is there to guide and support you in your journey. The Maternity Nurse will offer up to date guidance and support on breast feeding, active feeding, and how to ensure your baby feeds well, as well as sleeps well. The Maternity Nurse will ensure that the Mother is well rested, and knows how to manage her own needs of eating, sleeping, and resting so that she can care for both herself and her baby happily once the Maternity Nurse leaves.

Guidance on a rhythm for feeding, breast feeding support, lactation and positioning, bottle feeding and how much to give and when, will be provided so that you have something to follow.

This package is a wonderful gift for any family and ensures that the right support is there from the beginning. Offering guidance, hands-on support and expertise and some much needed respite.

Welcome Home Package

Price: £1,699 including travel.