Night Nanny
Support Package

A Night Nanny maybe a Maternity Nurse that offers both 24hourly support and nightly support. Night Nannies can be highly qualified non-medical professionals, Nurses, Midwifes, Health Visitors, or Parents that have older children and have experience, qualifications or certificates in Maternity Nursing that have chosen to support families as a Night Nanny to work around their own family’s needs.

Night Nannies can range in experiences and knowledge depending on their qualifications and certificates within the field. If you require a Night Nanny for respite you will not require a highly experienced Maternity Nurse that offers Night Nanny support. However, if you are looking for someone that will provide guidance and support, and has the knowledge to help you with routines, sleep issues and feeding problems, but wish for only night support, then a highly experienced Maternity Nurse with Night Nanny experience is recommended.

Night Nannies normally work 10-12 hour shifts on an evening right through the night. A Night Nanny will leave you in the morning. Some Maternity Nurses on longer bookings start off on 24hourly support and reduce down to Night Nanny support for the remainder of their booking. They may either still live in with you, but will be off duty, or go home and return every evening.

Night Nannies are normally in the nursery with the baby or babies and will do the night feeds to allow the parents some much needed respite in the night.

If your baby is fully breast fed, the Night Nanny may recommend that you pump off enough breast milk to offer during the night feeds. The Night Nanny is happy to give either expressed breast milk (EBM) or a choice of formula. This allows the mother and father time to catch up on some much needed rest.

If your baby is fully breastfed and you do not wish to pump off or use formula, the Night Nanny is happy to support you whilst you feed the baby, then the Night Nanny will settle the baby down for the night and you can return to bed after the feed.

The Night Nanny is there to support you and your journey however you wish to feed. Night Nannies will wash and sterilise all bottles, pumps etc that were used during night prior to their departure in the morning.

Night Nannies Package Deals

Please be aware that rates vary for Night Nannies due to their experience and knowledge.

Fee’s for Junior Night Nannies start from £22ph. More experienced Night Nannies fees start from £25.

Travel is charged on top of your fees.

  • 3 Night Package: £900
  • 5 Night Package: £1475
  • 7 Night Package: £2065
  • 12 Night Package: £3480
  • 15 Night Package: £4350

The fees above are based on a 12hour night shift.

Night Packages can be spread across a 6 week period. Extra Nights can be tagged on if availability is free.

For ongoing support longer than the above packages available, please contact Mama and Me Consultant for advice and costings.