About Mama
& Me

Mama and Me was founded by Kimberley Berry, a NNEB trained Nursery Nurse who later branched out in to Maternity Nursing, training with MNT and studying with the Open College Network (OCN) as a Maternity Nurse Practitioner.

With over 24 years in the childcare business, 22 of which are as a Private Maternity Nurse, and Night Nanny. Kimberley soon moved in training and learning about Sleep training, Multiples, Premature Babies, Weaning, Routine Implementation, Reflux, Colic and Allergy support in infants providing consultations for families all over the world, both in-house and remote.

Kimberley is passionate about babies and families, and soon realized that providing support and guidance for Mothers suffering with Anxiety and Post Natal Depression is a natural gift Kimberley found within herself due to her empathic and devoted nature to helping people. Kimberley is currently training as a Psychotherapist and hopes to support families in the near future through the use of talking counselling.

Kimberley’s career has seen her work all over the world as well as the UK. Offering both in-house and remote support to families, she was unable to join. Kimberley has been blessed and privileged to work with many families from all walks of life; integrating into their family and experiencing their beautiful cultures we see today. Kimberley established a name for herself over the years when working with, supporting, and guiding yummy Mummies and Daddies, Celebrities, VIP’S, HNW Clients, Royalty, Sports Personnel, Actors and Actresses.

Kimberley undertook roles from birth to a few weeks, right through to contracts up to and exceeding 6-, 12- and 15-month stints. Kimberley has enjoyed longer contracts as this enabled her to establish her career not only as a Newborn Specialist but also gain knowledge, understanding and experience in growth spurts, sleep training, sleep habits, reflux, allergies, weaning and the ever changing developmental stages of babies as they grow. This knowledge gave Kimberley the foundation to understand and gain more expertise through training and personal development.

Based in Yorkshire, Kimberley soon realized that she was in high demand for her services and expertise. Kimberley decided to create Mama and Me to help bring together all the services, advice and support she has provided over the years under one umbrella.

Mama and Me was created to help guide and support you and your voice through this exciting time. Mama and Me fully understands what a family needs in terms of support, guidance, flexibility and personal preference. Mama and Me offers a personal, hands on approach providing guidance, support, empathy, routines, feeding and/or sleeping support through evidence based knowledge that is easy to understand and implement.

Mama and Me’s aim is to gently ease the anxieties and stress out of planning for this new chapter of your life, bringing joy, excitement and reassurance to your life, so that when your baby arrives you feel ready, calm and knowledgeable about how you choose to look after your baby.